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Wrington Primary School

Church Day - Heroes and Saints

On Thursday, the children had a fantastic 'Church Day' at the beautiful All Saints Church; the focus of the day being 'Heroes and Saints'.  The children were told stories about the saints represented in the church and were shown the stunning stained-glass window depicting St Francis of Assisi.  They also learnt about the local heroine, Hannah Moore.  The children visited different work stations and enjoyed a variety of activities and discussions. One of the highlights was creating their own 'stained-glass window' depicting one of the heroes or saints that they had learnt about during their visit.     We would like to give a huge thankyou to Rev David Gent, Rev Andrew Hemming and all the volunteers at All Saints Church for giving the children such an informative and enjoyable day, and also to the parents who helped to walk us safely to and from the church.