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Year 1 Gun Powder Plot, November 2020

We enjoyed learning about significant national events beyond living memory - The Gunpowder Plot (History)


400 years ago in 1605 there was a king on the throne called James Ist.
James was not a popular king and had lots of enemies.


Guy Fawkes and his friends did not like James and decided to try to get rid of him.
They planned to put barrels of gunpowder under parliament and blow up the king!


One of Guy Fawkes’ friends sent a letter to a member of his family telling them not to go to parliament on November 5th.  Guy Fawkes was caught by the king’s soldiers in a cellar under parliament with the barrels of gunpowder.


Guy Fawkes was arrested and taken to the Tower of London along with his friends.  Everyone celebrated because the king was safe. People lit bonfires and set off fireworks. Every year on November 5th, we remember this true story.



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