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Primary School

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Year 1 PHSE Anti-bullying week, November 2020

Our learning intention was to identify what bullying is. To know the different forms that bullying can take. To understand how to stand up to bullying and who we can ask for help.



We discussed and acted out various scenarios where someone was being bullied either physically, verbally or by being excluded from a game. We discussed how this made us feel.


During our drama session we learnt some strategies, how to deal with bullying and what we could say if someone was hurting us or our feelings. We talked about putting our hand up and saying ‘Stop! I don’t like it’. We then talked about if that didn’t work we would go and ask an adult to help us.

We decided the best way to beat bullying was to be kind to everyone. We acted out different ways we could show kindness to our friends.


Everyone joining in the game, talking to our friends and having fun.         

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