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Wrington Primary School

Class 2

Welcome to our class page. 


We are a happy, kind and friendly class of 29 children who look out for each other and are always helpful and polite. We enjoy learning and love playing on our amazing school playgrounds and field.

Our teachers are Mrs. Pinner, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. John and our teaching assistant is Mrs. Mallender. We are very active and enjoy learning through exercise, ‘hands on’ exploring and being outside whenever we can. We are very excited to be learning about Japan, famous people and  events this year. We love our themed weeks and are very lucky to have so many opportunities to try new things. This year we will be learning French and the violin for the first time!



Learning about Place value in Maths. 





Learning about the violin before we begin to learn it ourselves.




County cricket training 

We have been very lucky to receive cricket coaching from Somerset Cricket Club. We couldn't wait to get started!





                                                                          Year 2 Nativity

         We performed our Nativity 'Prickly Hay'  to chapel audiences on the 7th and 8th                                       December. Mrs Pinner and Mrs Jones were so proud of us. 







                                        History     The Great Fire of London visitor February 2022

       We welcomed Jethro Knuckleskull to school from 1666! He was Samuel Pepys servant.          He told us everything he knew about the Great Fire and we helped him as he told us  about his life and what he had seen. 






In science we have been learning all about plants and habitats. We planted our own 

seeds and watched them grow. What were the conditions needed for 

our seeds to germinate and how come when Mrs Pinner put her seeds in 

the cupboard or fridge they would not grow? 


        Our work on habitats started by identifying items on the school field which were 

         alive, dead or never been alive. We had to think about life processes to determine  which category to place different objects. Does it move? Can it breathe?

Did it once grow? Has it ever reproduced or needed nutrition?



What is a habitat and which type of animals live in different types of habitats?

Why  do you find different types of creatures living in different places?

We went looking to see. 



Drawing and writing about our special place in PHSE, in a special place.




Year 2 having an amazing opportunity to learn to play the violin with a professional musician.



Using drama to learn about the Hindu gods of  Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.