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"We are classicists..."

At Wrington CofE Primary School, we have embarked on an exciting new venture. 

We are very proud to announce that we have officially introduced Classics into our curriculum in Years 3-6, which follows a program of study called 'Maximum Classics', supported by the organisation, Classics for all.  


The program introduces children to ancient Greek and Roman civilisation and teaches them the language, myths and cultural legacy of the past.   The course supports and enhances children's understanding of English spelling, punctuation and grammar through the study of ancient languages (predominately Latin), as well has supporting children's oracy, language and vocabulary skills, as well as their etymological and cultural knowledge. 

Taken from Maximum Classics, 'From Intent to Excellence' document: 

One of the main benefits of teaching Latin as a KS2 language is its useful interplay with English grammar and vocabulary. Maximum Classics’ introductory unit explores the history behind English’s links to Latin and Ancient Greek. Vocabulary used on the course is selected to facilitate the
exploration of interplay between Latin and English vocabulary and every lesson incorporates games or activities drawing on this. The course also tracks KS2 elements such as word class, tense and auxiliary verbs using the same terminology used in English SPaG teaching


Rational and Vision for Teaching Latin as a foreign Language at KS2

  • It offers the opportunity to reinforce the teaching of English vocabulary and grammar
  • The language lends itself to a systematic and effective style of teaching
  • Latin is a logical step after phonics, reinforcing the notion of structure and pattern in language
  • It provides a paradigm for language learning in KS3 and beyond, and enables the learning of other romance languages such as Spanish and French
  • Teaching the subject allows insights into myth and other cultural aspects that form the basis of modern Western culture

The study of Latin and the civilisation of Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire allows students to encounter much of the foundational literature, art, science and learning of much of Western culture.

The Maximum Classics scheme incorporates aspects of classical civilisation that complement and enrich the whole KS2 curriculum, integrating cultural aspects from across the Roman and Greek worlds in the form of dedicated cultural lessons, usually one or two per Unit.


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