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Wrington Primary School


As a school, we fully embrace opportunities to celebrate difference and diversity (as well as commonalities) and we do so throughout the school year. 


Diversity is embedded in all aspects of our curriculum, such as through the choice of scientists we study in science, musicians we celebrate in music, artists we study in art, as well our choice of model texts for Literacy, books within our reading scheme, and the careful planning of school-wide events, such as Well-Being Week, Anti-Bullying week and Odd Socks Day… to name but a few. 



Our PSHE scheme, Jigsaw, which is followed across the school also has a strong emphasis on celebrating difference.   Alongside this, we look for wider opportunities to ensure the children have broad and enriched curriculum.   For example, we have links with the One Tree Refugee Project, the Same Same Different Theatre company, our Zambian Primary School, and we plan our trips and visits carefully to ensure that children have a wide range of opportunities and experiences.  


Black History Month 


The month of October is Black History Month, and in this month each class studies an inspirational black figure.  We use a range of additional resources to support our work, such as non-fiction books (including biographies and autobiographies),  BBC clips and videos, music and poetry.   The children use their learning about these important historical black people to produce a range of work, such as art, stories, poems, fact-files, drama and dance.   Each class has also been given a set of additional literacy texts for using during Black History Month, both fiction and non-fiction to enjoy, share and discuss.    

Important black figures studied in each year group:

Reception - Floella Benjamin

Year 1 -  Rosa Parks

Year 2 - Mary Seacole

Year 3 - Benjamin Zephaniah

Year 4 - Martin Luther King

Year 5 - Aretha Franklin

Year 6 - Nelson Mandela

Additional texts allocated to each class - Click to see the overview.



We believe that creating a culture of acceptance, respect and appreciation of diversity is something that we nurture and celebrate throughout the whole of the school year.  It is embedded in our school culture; from how we speak to each other, to how act towards one another, how we celebrate each other's achievements and attributes, and how we live out our Christian values in our school.