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Wrington Primary School

Performing Arts

We are performers..!

“The arts make a bridge across this world in ways that nothing else can.” – Julie Andrews



The Performing Arts are an important part of our school curriculum. They straddle various other subject disciples (Music, Art and Drama (English)) and offer children a creative outlet of performance. We believe that our performing arts curriculum develops key skills of presentation, collaboration, empathy and courage. It can have a lifelong impact on confidence and self-belief as well as being a joy in its own right!


Overcome the notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary.” – Uta Hagen

 flute and violin orch


Performance opportunities

There are multiple opportunities given for children to perform from Reception right up to Year 6:

  • Class, group and individual performances within special whole school ‘festival’ and leavers’ collective worship
  • Individual class worship with parents and different Key Stages
  • Class Performances to volunteers at the Helpers’ Tea Party
  • Christmas Nativity (main parts for Y2 with choral and dance performances from Reception and Year 1)
  • Christmas pantomime/ production (main parts for Y5 with choral and dance performances from Y3,4 and 6)
  • Leavers’ Production (only Year 6, building on their skills from Y5 main parts)
  • Spring and Summer Concerts (solo and ensemble instrumentalists)
  • Dance Your Socks Off (Y5 Dance performance at Weston Playhouse in collaboration with Churchill Secondary School Academy Specialist Dance teacher)
  • Village events (e.g.Dickesnsian Fair, Village May fete, Elderly residents home)
  • Choral and Orchestral performances at concerts, school fetes and the school Candlelit Carol Service.
  • Eisteddfod – Arts competition open to ALL children with categories in music, art and dance
  • Raise the Roof/Churchill Makes Music collaborative singing projects with other local Primary Schools
  • Local performance competitions eg Rotary Youth Speaks, Young Musician.

violin project 

Children are given opportunities to perform in a variety of venues in different contexts to build up their performing experience including: in school, All Saints’ Church, United Reform Chapel, Memorial Hall, Weston Playhouse and at our feeder Secondary School and other local schools.

 Panto  Nativity

We encourage children to take on solo singing and performing opportunities and delight in giving children with little prior experience of the dramatic arts or choir a chance to sing as a soloist or have a leading role, through careful nurturing and encouragement. We encourage children to firmly step outside their comfort zones and try something new in a supportive environment. We maximise the opportunities for children to have lead parts by having different casts. Our production works are chosen to be ambitious and challenging, encouraging children to exceed expectation.

“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” – P.T. Barnum

Inspiration for performance

In addition to being active performers, we value giving children the opportunity to see experienced performers perform to model and inspire. All children in Y2 take part in the violin project with a professional violinist who gives a mini concert as part of the experience. We welcome musicians from North Somerset Music Service to showcase different instruments. Each year, children either enjoy a visit to a local theatre or a travelling theatre company visits.

Violin performance  

We are delighted to attend concerts sponsored by our local music society, Churchill Music! who bring often young and upcoming professionals at the start of their careers to perform to the children. Children have had the privilege of seeing concerts by a number of artists including the Eden Stell Guitar Duo and the Carducci Quartet.

Even the staff take part in performance such as the staff chime bar ensemble or Christmas parent and staff choir.

Many children are encouraged to take part in the village drama society and dance group which adds an additional outlet for creativity.


When do children start to perform?

At Wrington, children will have the opportunity to perform to an audience from their very first term in school when Reception present a Harvest related choral poem or story to an audience of the whole school and parents. Opportunities (class, group and solo) continue throughout their time at school and culminates with the Year 6 Leavers’ production at the end of Year 6 and the Leavers’ service.


Extra-curricular opportunities

Children have opportunities to take part in extra-curricular performing arts activities. There are two choirs (for KS1 and KS2) and an orchestra. Children who learn an instrument (privately or through the North Somerset Peripatetic Music Service) are given the opportunity to play in concerts or perform as children come into service.

Violin solo trumpet

There is an annnual Youth Speaks public speaking competition run by the Rotary; we put forward two teams of children from Year 6 who are supported in their roles as main speaker, chair and giver of thanks.

Youth speaks


Outside school there is a village drama club and dance group which have links with the school.

The only thing better than singing is more singing.” Ella Fitzgerald, an American jazz singer


The impact of the Performing Arts should not be underestimated as so many of the skills and attributes required in performance are transferable into future endeavours, from presentations at an interview, public speaking and having courage to overcome a challenging situation. Children demonstrate a willingness to take risks and will confidently stand on a stage in front of an audience of over 200 people and perform.


In the past children have themselves organised ‘Wrington’s got talent’ competitions at playtime with children willing to put themselves forward. This is also true of our Wrington Eisteddfod. We consider this a mark of the positive attitude towards the performaing arts in school. Furthermore, it is a pleasure to see the large numbers of past pupils continuing as performers at Churchill Academy’s concerts and dramatic performances at the Weston Playhouse.



“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” – William Shakespeare