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Wrington Primary School

PE and Sports Premium Funding


At Wrington, we value the many benefits to body and mind that come from being active.

Children who are physically active are happier, more resilient and more trusting of their peers.

DFE Guidance Sept 2014

PE, sport and an active lifestyle are promoted in all aspects of school life, from active play at breaktimes, high 'Quality First' PE lessons to physical activity integrated into other curriculum areas. Our diverse extra-curricular opportunities reinforce this. Even celebration service is used to promote and celebrate active lives both in and out of school.

Objectives and Principles

We use the PE and Sports Premium funding in a variety of ways to meet the following objectives:

  • To promote a joyful and long-lasting engagement in PE and sport
  • To promote a healthy and physically active lifestyle for all, now and in the future
  • To raise the profile of Physical Education and sport across the school as a means to improve the school
  • To ensure high Quality First PE teaching and learning by increasing knowledge, confidence and skills of staff across a range of sport disciplines
  • To give children increased opportunities to experience a broader range of sports and physical activities that all pupils can enjoy
  • To increase the participation in competitive sport
  • To inspire and motivate through PE and sport, promoting excellence
  • To promote our school motto, aims and values through school sport and physical activity.

The following principles guide our use of the funding:

  • To ensure diverse opportunities are given to all children
  • Sustainable active projects are developed to maximise long term impact
  • Provide funding for legitimate individuals or groups of children  for sporting activity that the school has identified (including encouraging reluctant participants or children who are vulnerable)
  • To support physical activity in lessons, at play and in extra-curricular contexts
  • Develop and enhance Quality First teaching and learning for all


PE and Sports Premium Policy

Our PE and Sports Premium Policy is based on two DfE guidance documents.

Click here to read the policy


Planning and Evaluation of PE and Sports Premium

Planning of Sports Premium 2022/23

Evidencing the Impact of Sports Premium 2021/22

Sports Audit

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